June 27, 2010


.........so long ago and i know it was ten years ago, when i was doing my pre-clinical year in MMC stu...dying for University examinations. On the eve of Microbiology exam,my brain was so drained of its genius that I studied just one topic and decided to seek the grace of Shri Ananda Narayanan Panicker (author of textbook of Microbiology) .

I always believe in utilising the resources to the fullest. When few of my friends carried the micro-xerox of it, I had the macro-xerox of Microbiology, the real book made into booklets, folded and secured in the shelves within myself. The only familiar question in the paper was the only topic i read the previous night...the Hypersensitivity Reactions which i planned to write in the last moments when the vigilance would be tight. IgA was in my shirt pocket, microfilaria in my right pant pocket, incubator in my left pant pocket....Malaria was isolated from my shirt and i was carefully...very carefully copying it down.

One is a real king when all the raw materials are within himself and i felt being one.I suddenly felt a Silvester Stallonian grip on my left shoulder. I turned back and was taken aback to see an invigilator smiling at me. What a godman... I misjudged him.He turned out to be a real Godzilla. A series of innocent apologies...arrogant refusals culminated in me being checked out of the hall. Ghatham... Ghatham. No hope of passing, even if Pope corrects my papers.

One month"s anxious wait for the results...two of my friends who wrote the exam for three hours failed...and the one who walked out royally in one hour and fifteen minutes clearing Microbiology raised everyone"s eyebrows in shock and surprise. Even when all the idiopathics in Microbiology are revealed one day, there would remain one unsettled mystery...yet History in MMC...how i got thro Microbiology sitting for just 75 minutes in the hall?

P. S :
Later on, I gave up copying and wrote my subsequent exams sincerely. ( Trust me, please! )